Fifty-seventh day of reno

The outcome vs. my illustrated plan

Done by Eugene, Carpenters
i prefer hand-drawn than 3D illustrations

  • (Almost) all Kitchen accessories installed.
  • Contractor had to move 1 of the track lights as it is blocking the cabinet door.
  • All switches installed.
  • Holes and cracks of cement screed flooring re-touched.
  • Now we can finally use the toilet with privacy as we have doors now. Hurhur.
  • LED lights installed in the toilets, waiting to install the acrylic panel to cover the wires etc.
  • Need to call city gas to install the hob.

Loving the natural light coming in from our living room windows and bedroom 3

San the man @ Work

  • Black wall for the neon lights and black paint for door frame needs alot of touch-up, and we want to do it on our own.
  • San wanted to do a touch-up but he fell sick and left the paint tape untouched for a week, and the tape “eats up” the paint. Baaah!
Shaan the Man
  • We love the colour of the cement screed flooring, but..
  • Eugene advised that Epoxy coating has got to be done to protect the flooring.
  • Colour of flooring will be darker after Epoxy-coating.

I managed to blog while waiting for my queue number to meet the doctor. I just need time to rest. Too sleey and tired:


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