Fifty-five days before moving-in

Where is Papa bear, mama bear and baby bear?

Eugene (as usual) surprised us again – in a very good way. He did not inform us that he will be doing the chemical cleaning on the same week that he will be doing the epoxy for the flooring. We came into the house all clean and movable-state.

But, we still have a few things to do before moving in…

  • (Last minute decision) decided to apply epoxy on our counter top, on our own. Yes. Risky move but we are going to do more research before carrying it out.
  • Shop at Muji to get all the house items that I have been eyeing. It’s my birthday month = double points. Yey!
  • Clean up the whole house on our own. Especially our house corridor… So dusty. When will our neighbour going to do their house reno?!
  • We need chairs. To sit, to eat and etc. Hurhur

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