Hacked (Part 2)

Finally, after a long wait, we can hack Bedroom 3! Nowww.. We cant wait to have our flooring done.

Arghhh is just a sticker to cover our address. Hurhur.


12 Aug 2016: We realised that we forgotten to inform our electrician that we want to install wall fan. Called Zayden Khor – sub electrician to meet us at our unit.

  • Showed the positions where we want to install the fans.
  • Zayden explained the cost breakdown of installation, hacking and rewiring
  • Expensive but we understand why.

Reached our unit and saw that they have hacked our kitchen wall. Permit to hack wall of Bedroom 3 has yet to be approved. HDB why so slow?

Current updates (as of 16 Aug 2016)

  • Kitchen wall hacked.
  • Cement bags evenly distributed to every rooms.
  • Toilet bowls and sinks taken out and stored in store room
  • San called HDB and was informed that permit for hacking bedroom 3 is approved and sent to supervisor for confimation. Hmm.. How long more do we need to wait?

Check out our big ass labels. hurhur.

Four years for three keys

One week before key collection: Received a notification via email regarding our key collection. We are invited to collect our keys on 27 July 2016. The man managed to change to an earlier slot on 15 July 2016. 2 weeks earlier!! Hurray to us!

0830: We reached HDB but we couldnt eat breakfast as we were rushing to buy our Fire protection Insurance before collecting our keys. Dont waste time… just buy the Home protection at SGD $319. Dont wait till you can smell smoke. Hurhur.

0900: Queue number called even though our appointment time is at 9.15am. Yey for us! Signed many,many documents. Said our goodbyes to our CPF. Cried a little. Activated our water, gas and electrical supply.


Faces of people whom waited for their keys for 4 yrs.

1100: Headed down to Bukit Batok town council to appeal for our complimentary cement screed which we wrote in many weeks ago. Yeah free things dont come easy.

1200: Finally, made our way to our long-awaited dream house. We checked our mailbox for the water tap manual and headed on to turn on our water tap. The man decided to go for Friday prayer first before entering the house for the first time.

1400: The man dropped me off at West Gate before his prayer for me to get lunch and a broom. He fetched me again at 1430 to go back to our house. 

1445: We entered the house and our jaw dropped! Theres nothing to not-like about the house. Its perfect! Thank god our unit is at the end of the corridor.

That wall really have got to go

1515: Eugene, our interior designer from Carpenters, came to check for any defects and to finalise measurements and design concept. He spent a good 2 hours with us. Good chap.

1750: We left the house to fetch the little one. And prayed that everything will go smoothly. Probably we should lower our expectations to avoid disappointments.

Happy laaah (first tour of the vicinity)

Four happy moments happened. On the very day that we received notification from HDB of our key collection:

  • The husband managed to change the date for our key collection to an earlier date/slot, 15th July 2016 instead of 27th July 2016.
    Tip: Keep on clicking refresh on the appointment date page.
  • Contractors removed the huge-ass barrier at the entrance of our block.
  • On that same day  that they lifted the barrier, we took a bus and had a look-look see-see of our Block, Sky Garden and Apartment unit.
  • The lifts can only go up to the 20th floor,therefore we had to go 6 storeys down to our unit. With a chubby 2 year old and a stroller, we had to climb 6 storeys up to take the lift back down. No joke, ok?!!  6 storey! Hurhur.

Plan Zero-One

“My OCD is conking me in the head..”

– The Monster (Eminem & Rihanna)

We have decided.

To document our house renovation processes as both of us enjoyed the process of careful planning and scouting for house items (so much!)

It started out with a collection of saved images, screenshots from website, many pins from Pinterest  and few drafts of table-format plans.

The San’s house renovation plan vs 3D images from the Chief Creative Consultant of Carpenters Design Group 匠.

See images!

The above is the result of many hours spent meeting up with different contractors and IDs and many hours on Adobe Illustrator editing the changes.
The above is the result of many hours spent meeting up with different contractors and IDs and many hours on Adobe Illustrator editing the changes.

This kitchen plan is the 3rd version of our house renovation plan. We sat down with a few contractors and IDs. But none made us comfortable unlike Eugene She from Carpenters Design Group 匠. (Too early to trust 100% – as of now June 2016)

Our good friend recommended Carpenters after engaging their services and raved a lot about how their ID and the company handled the renovation of their BTO apartment.

  • E-mailed us the quotation within 2 weeks of the meeting.
  • Gave us a simple straight forward answer whether the design is can be achieved or not, with supporting advice.
  • (As it should be) Provided us with advice on our design concept and materials.
  • Sent us the 3D drawing (Without us requesting it) a month before our keys.

Please ah, please do not disappoint us,Eugene!

With a detailed plan (thank you, OCD) of the materials and requirements for our house design concept, meet-ups with contractors was a breeze for us. Max. time spent per contractor is 1hour. Next up is to plan for our storage space, working area and light switches.

Thank you, HDB for delaying our key collection. We have heap lots of time to plan and recce. It has been 4 years (since we applied), what is another month to us… Baaahhh!!

Oh boy…

“Set goals, say prayers and work hard!”

Here i am.. wide awake at 2 am, hugging my 2-year-old boy whom I believed, just had a nightmare.

While coaxing him to sleep, I’m having a quiet debate in my head:
Expenditure for our upcoming house vs Plans to get whatever-necessary-therapy that my son needs.

This cute little fella who curls under my armpit is way, way delayed in his speech development. Deep down, I know he will grow up to be just fine. (Insya-Allah!)

See below for the conclusion of my silent debate…. (Top is priority)

  • Collect keys end of July
  • Start house renovation by Aug
  • Enroll him in speech therapy by Oct
  • House to be three-quarter ready by Nov
  • Little One Development Assessment in Nov
  • Move in by Dec

Busy is good. We just hope for a no-drama-year.